Dutch Translation of M+M Out NOW

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Portland, OR April 10th, 2015 – Nick Werth and Thomas Claesen, both authorities on the art of rudimental tenor drumming, have teamed up to offer Beweging en Begrip : the Dutch translation of Nick Werth’s rudimental tenor drumming method book, Movement and Mentality (2010).

Nick Werth has performed with and instructed several DCI drum and bugle corps, including Pioneer, Carolina Crown, Phantom Regiment, Boston Crusaders, Colts, and the Cadets. As an educator, his accolades include the 2006 Fred Sanford award for High Percussion (Phantom Regiment). As a performer, Nick won the Percussive Arts Society multitenor solo competition three consecutive times (2000, 2001, 2002). He holds a degree in Percussion Performance from the University of North Texas (2003).

A resident of Ostend, Belgium, Thomas Claesen has performed with and instructed several world class groups, including The Academy, Santa Clara Vanguard, The Cavaliers, and Drum Spirit Percussion Ensemble. His accolades include the 2011 Fred Sanford award for High Percussion. Thomas holds a B.A. in Linguistics and Literature, as well as a M.A. from Ghent University.

Having been influenced by some of the same legendary educators (Murray Gusseck and Paul Rennick), this collaboration between Nick and Thomas is a special one. “It’s always been a dream of mine to share this music with the world,” says Nick. “In my humble opinion, the ability to accurately communicate this type of information requires a deep understanding of the material. Thomas’ experience and enthusiasm for drumming and linguistics makes this all possible.”

Movement and Mentality is more of a workbook than a technique manual. Having experienced music-related injury, Nick’s approach to technique is very natural. The student is encouraged to “listen” to their body, and to be aware of unnecessary tension. Perfect for the beginner but still challenging enough for the expert, the book covers concepts such as distance, stick control, roll subdivision, scrapes, independence, and flams. Each chapter begins with a very simple exercise and ends extremely advanced. With over 400 exercises, it’s sure to be a great addition to any curriculum.

“Beweging en Begrip” is currently available as a downloadable PDF @ nickwerth.com for $30 (US).